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These were the terms I typed into Google tonight to try and get some clue about my slow performing WordPress blogs. The results that came back were enlightening: far from being the reputable company I once thought, MediaTemple have become a bit of laughing stock. Why? Overselling.

Mediatemple have been well respected for years for offering well priced, high performance hosting. Many big names in the web development world use them and coupled with the promises of their new Grid Server package, there was much to feel good about. So I signed up with them last July and got my own plot on a GS which promised all sorts of great features, including bandwidth rollover.

It turns out that their technology simply couldn’t cope and while they did spend time and money on trying to fix the issues, they also did a good job of blaming their customers. Although performance wasn’t too bad to start with for my own websites, in the last couple of months it’s got steadily worse.

It was the last straw tonight. The reason that I haven’t updated this blog for a while is because of the slowness of using WordPress. I guess it’s fitting that my first post in a while should explain why. This evening I timed the page loading time of my WordPress Write Post page using the great Firebug and it was over two minutes! In this day and age, especially on my 20Mb broadband package, that is insane — and more importantly, unsustainable.

I’m running a web design business, not simply blogging for fun, so I find it completely unacceptable to have these kinds of issues on what is supposed to be one of the best hosting solutions in the business. I’ve emailed their support asking for the matter to be looked into and resolved, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what they say.

I don’t have much confidence though. The last time I emailed support, it took them five days to answer and that was over me accidentally locking myself out of my admin panel. Five days to reset my password! Would you put up with that from your web host?

A rhetorical question.

If I don’t get a satisfactory outcome to my support request and if things don’t improve, I shall once again be in the frustrating position of trying to find a reliable, reasonably priced and effective host. Wish me luck. Or better still, please recommend one…

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  1. I know what you’re experiencing, in regards to incompetent support and lengthy load times. Often times I ask for something very specific, and they give me a generic copy/paste answer. It’s to the point now where I specifically ask in a support request for a “real” answer, from someone there who knows what I’m actually asking.

    The load times have their ups and downs. Sometimes my blog loads at a “normal” speed, and sometimes it just is so slow I get sick of looking at my own site. Despite various phone calls, emails, support requests, and basically begging for an answer, I got nothing- until recently.

    They are creating (yet another) beta product that will supposedly fix the issue. The (cs) Cluster-Server. It hasn’t been released as a beta yet, but they signed me up for it.

    If it doesn’t help (which wouldn’t surprise me, since I specifically noted speed as in issue in the GS beta), I’ll simply move all my sites over to A Small Orange, which has an excellent reputation amongst webmasters.

    Best of luck,
    Mark Zakariya

  2. Matthew,
    I understand your frustrated and I’ve forwarded your post onto our support team…We’ve been seeing issues with UK to USA hops and have had several clients do “traceroutes” to see where the lag resides. I’d like to show you that pingdom is showing your page loading at 5.1 seconds: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/?url=www.friskdesign.com&treeview=0&column=objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true

    and someone discovered a BT issue in Dec. we’re intially blamed for:

    As for database issues, currently, it’s nothing like what we discussed in Jan ’07 (our blog post you linked to) but we have had some down time and it’s still not up to our high standards.
    Someone from our team will respond to your ticket and we’ll investigate if it is us or an ISP. If you don’t hear from someone shortly, please email me and I’ll make sure they do. I want you to know whats happening (either way) and you can make the best decision for the sake of your business.


  3. I forgot to add that 5 days for a response is not acceptable. I’m looking over your ticket history and I’ve asked our head of support for a reason why this happened.


  4. @Mark: Thanks for the heads up about ASO — I’ve heard good things about them before. Of course, if they are reliable currently because they are small and not well known, will they be able to upscale to cater for disgruntled customers leaving other hosts? ;-)

    @Alex @ (mt): I’m new to blogging and forget the power of the ping and the trackback, so I was surprised and delighted to receive your reply. Thank you for taking the time to respond. To be fair, the five days I mentioned was over a weekend and I don’t know your weekend support policy — plus, because I’d locked my self out of admin, I had to send the support request to a standard enquiry email on your site. Neverthless, I still found it a frustrating experience having to wait so long for a resolution.

  5. Alex,
    I have to say you guys are really pulling out all the stops to try and blame someone else. We are currently experiencing the exact same issue, and have been for some time. Take a look at our pingdom results = 26.7 secs. Thats ridiculous.


    Please just do the right thing and admit to your customers that this is a problem with your service and offer us some kind of reasonable solution. ie. help migrating to your far more reliable dedicated virtual server. We have been patient and have done our part to investigate any and every possibility on our side. You guys sent us down every avenue possible and still haven’t given me any date for resolution for this issue. When I called tech support today, to inquire about getting signed up for the cs beta or for help migrating our sites to your dv service, I was told that any and all migration work would have to be done by our team and that we were ineligible for the cs beta because we were not “pushing the limits” of our current server.

    I have been with your company for quite sometime and we operate several websites and businesses using your service. I am appalled that you guys have not given us any help or explanation of possible solutions. Just a sorry I can only relay information.

    Do the right thing, if you’re having problems with the grid server, then help us move to a more reliable and effective service. Don’t keep telling us that its our problem.

  6. I would like to add as a side comment. I have been asking, practically begging for help with this issue. We have no problem taking on any workload to fix a problem that has resulted from a configuration issue, or from un-optimized code. However, your tech support personnel have been unable to help me pin-point where that problem might lie (we even tried trouble shooting on a completely fresh, unaltered version of wordpress, still slow).

  7. Hello all,

    I’ve been working with Alex and our tech support team on this slowness issue. We do know about the latency and published this notice earlier today: http://weblog.mediatemple.net/weblog/category/system-incidents/gs-grid-service-cluster2-web-latency-01-29-2008/

    I would like to help clarify a few things:

    Re: Shifting the blame – This is not what we’re doing. Many factors can affect the way a website performs. Some of the time, slow performance really _is_ caused by inefficient coding, so it’s best to start there when troubleshooting an issue. Other times, it is legitimately caused by something on the host’s end. If you read the page I linked above you’ll see that we are not trying to blame someone else for these problems and are clearly communicating what is being done to make things better.

    Re: No (cs) for not “pushing the limits” – I really think this was miscommunicated somehow. The (cs) Cluster-Server is not currently in beta testing (but will be soon). I don’t know exactly how your talk with the Agent played out, but that was the wrong answer. It is possible the Agent thought you might have been referring to (cx), which is the abbreviation of our (cx) Complex-Hosting product. I really can’t say for certain, but our support department has never been instructed to give such an answer to that question. Whatever the reason, we apologize for the misunderstanding.


    Arman Zakaryan
    (mt) Media Temple, Inc.

  8. @ Arman@mt: I appreciate the response and the blog posting discussing the issue. I have just been on the receiving end of several “it’s code optimization” discussions. It has just been a long road to get anyone to admit to us that this not our issue. I began calling about our site’s performance in dec!

    Re: the cs beta. I don’t believe there was confusion regarding the service types. I specifically asked about the beta. Your tech told me it was not released yet, and would only be released to “site admins and other customers who were pushing the limits”. I believe he was just trying to warn me that it was not going to be a completely safe sandbox, but I really just didn’t understand his logic. If we’re calling about issues related to performance on our sites and we have gone through the steps to try and optimize things on our end I believe that makes us perfect candidates for a beta program. Especially if that service is designed to eliminate the issues we are currently having. It seems odd to me that he would tell me the cluster server was designed to address the problems we are having, but not offer it as possible shorter term solution if we were willing to shoulder some of the risk by being included in a beta test. Ultimately I don’t really care about being included in a beta, I just want our sites to function properly. I just saw it as an opportunity to help a previously reliable vendor and fix some of our issues. If there are other options for getting these things fixed I eagerly await them.

    Anyway, I am pleased that your techs are looking into the issue.

  9. Arman, Alex, we’ve been down this route before. Quite frankly, I’m not saying thanks (or anything, for that matter) until something happens on February 8 that completely changes everything. The only reason I’ve stayed so long is because you two have provided me with such outstanding support, and because the (gs) package is rather competitive (in regards to space) in comparison to ASO.

    @Alex: If you are the one I spoke to two months ago on the phone .. what happened? You were courteous enough to warn me that you were very busy at the time, but then you vanished. We were discussing MySQL issues, as well as the (cs) Cluster-Server beta. Please get back to me when you get the chance.

    @Arman: I’m glad to see you guys are doing something, or at least acknowledging something is wrong! You were *great* with the beta, and I hope you guys are the same way this time.

    I don’t personally have an issue with (mt), but I host another site for a family financial business, and they often complain of *VERY* slow email downloads, as well as slow website loads. Business-class T1 doesn’t fail, so don’t bother pinning it on them.

    Although, I’m really glad that this blog post has drawn some attention from (mt).. but I also notice that this isn’t the first time. I’ve seen quite a few blogs get replies from (mt) reps, with nothing done.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Zakariya

  10. I would like to echo what Mark said above. The only reason I have stayed this long is your previously outstanding tech support. Hopefully this trust will be well founded and something significant will change on Feb. 6.

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  12. Hi,

    How are you finding (MT) these days? I have to say I feel a certain fondness towards them, but I’ve had my doubts about speed myself. As you said, the WordPress Write page seems to take a very long time to load up.

    Interested to find someone who shares the same view as me, and even more curious to see if your opinion has changed lately.

  13. Hi Dan — sorry your posts didn’t appear straightaway, I was on holiday. Overall performance has definitely improved since the recent maintenance.

    The WordPress Write page can still be interminably slow though. As I only have experience of running WP on Mediatemple kit, I don’t know if it’s still a hardware issue or a problem with WordPress. I’ve been experiencing a fair few issues with slow scripts on WordPress recently, so it could be the software, but at this point I really wouldn’t like to say one way or the other.

  14. No problem, sorry I spammed your blog ;)

    I’ve signed up for an account with a highly regarded “other” host to do some testing. First impressions are that MT is a lot slower than the “other”, from the UK at least.

    Going to get some more of my sites moved across before I say for sure though. I’ll keep you posted.

  15. Very interested to hear how you get on with your new host, Dan. Please do keep me updated, thank you. Interestingly, this is the third time I’ve tried to post this reply — I keep getting timeouts and the site has been disappearing randomly all day!

  16. I’m also on the (gs) and it keeps having too many incidents of downtime lately. Everyone’s talking about (cs) and I wonder if they’ll migrate existing (gs) clients automatically.

    Right now the only thing holding me back from switching to slicehost is the learning curve for setting up and handling your own VPS but I’m getting there.

  17. I toyed with going with SliceHost, but can’t be bothered with keeping my “slice” up to date in terms of security and things.

    I’m just finishing a move to WebFaction, and will post a review and comparison on my blog very shortly.

  18. Thanks for the update Dan. I’ve never heard of Webfaction and googling for reviews of them throws up very little which worries me somewhat. But maybe that’s a case of people only review hosts when they’ve had bad service…. Can’t wait to hear your review of their service. I’m still experiencing slowdowns with MT and really want something a bit faster.

  19. “these systematically pathological applications overloaded every database we put them on – no matter how big or resourceful”

    OH! You mean like Drupal 6?

  20. Been with (mt) for several years, but moving our company site to A2 now… Although I appreciate the customer service attempts by (mt), we’re leaving due to too much sporadic down time. We want more control and responsiveness when issues occur, so that’s the main reason we’re moving away from (mt).

  21. I understand your frustration. I have a static html site with them and a separate WP+MYSQL site. The WP site really, really drags, pushing 10-15 seconds to load a page, when it isn’t reporting downtime, which is typically at least 2 hrs a week. Some of the issue is plugins, but still, using the TamperData plugin to time which assets chew up page load time, (mt) is at least 100% slower than a direct test on a moderate loaded machine.

    When I spoke with them, they claimed it was “my code”. Being that I am also IT Director for a couple of larger ecommerce sites, and had timed (mt) against my own local VM installed instance, I can definitely say that the performance diff I noted is pretty squarely a combined cpu & db responsiveness issue, as you say, overcapacity. Doesn’t make much sense to me, on our dedicated boxes we would have to be SERIOUSLY over capacity to have performance as poor as what we get from (mt). I am not impressed.

    Our other gear is in Rackspace, and I have thought on a couple occasions of trying their Mosso package, which appears to be under a much better and proven management model.

    Time to go back to netcraft.com and check the survey.

  22. Hi Ross. Overall, performance is improved but I wouldn’t describe it as fast. WordPress still takes an age to load and the speed of FTP is still pretty bad. I’m about to try out Webfaction to see how they fare.

    Another reason why I wasn’t keen on staying with Mediatemple is that I don’t use credit cards and my only option to pay was through PayPal, but MT don’t offer a monthly option when paid this way, you have to pay for a year up front. I’m not keen on being locked in for another year to a service that could again not deliver on its promise of speed and reliability.

  23. As an update to anyone following this thread, I remained unhappy with overall MT (gs) performance despite some improvements over recent months. I continued to receive time-out and login problems with email, FTP was interminably slow and WordPress performance wasn’t much improved.

    So I’ve been doing some research into other hosts, with the help of Dan (who mentioned Webfaction above) and I eventually came to the conclusion that hosting with anyone in the USA, while cheaper, simply has a significant performance lag for me in the UK.

    As most of my clients/potential clients are UK based it makes more sense for my site to be optimised for them, so I decided to go with a UK host and in the end opted for a Virtual Miniserver from Memset. It has most of the benefits of a dedictaed server without the cost! It’s more than I was paying, but I realised that it’s better to pay a bit more for better performance. With MT, my montly cost worked out about £8, with Memset that jumps to £29 but I effectively now have a full server I can do anything I want with, including hosting as many domains as I like — even use it as reseller space.

    It took me a lot longer to setup as I didn’t pay for support and you don’t get much help to start with. But with Google and patience, I migrated all my websites and email over last night and by this morning they all seemed to be working — fairly quick nameserver changes! Had a few permissions problems to sort, but now that’s done, the sites simply fly compared to the crawl I was getting from MT.

    I’m very happy with my choice and although it requires a bit more tech knowledge to set-up and use, I’d thoroughly recommend the Memset Miniserver.

    Incidentally, I have some interesting performance comparisons from my research between MediaTemple, Webfaction and MediaLayer — all USA based shared hosting. I’ll write a post about that very soon, you might find the results surprising!

  24. Glad you’ve managed to find a host Matthew. I’m interested in hearing the comparisons you’ve got – particularly re webfaction versus memset ;) Do they take care of patching and such like? I’ll bear them in mind for future projects… It’s certainly one of the more affordable dedicated solutions I’ve come across.

  25. Hi Dan. I haven’t got figures for memset yet. I switched to them as I’d used them for a client and did some testing on the client setup… :-) The client opted for the Miniserver 256 which on my 20MB broadband, provided an average file tansfer speed of 1MB/s, way above anything I could get from MT, MediaLayer or Webfaction.

    I’ve opted for the Miniserver 128 which is not going to be as fast but I’ll do some tests with it to find out transfer speeds and WordPress rendering speeds.

    Note that the Miniserver isn’t a true dedicated solution. It’s effectively a virtual machine. That’s why it’s so cheap…

  26. Congratulations on the move away from (mt) Media Temple! I’m still trapped there, and was recently slammed with an $70 “GPU Overage” fee. They not only oversell, but they also limit you FAR below the 1TB of bandwidth they promise- only the smallest of HTML files will not cause you to exceed the GPU limit if you should use the 1TB of bandwidth. My brand new WordPress blog takes about 10s to load just the frontpage of the admin panel. Using WP Super Cache has a minimal effect.

    Although I may give them one more chance with their “(cs) Cluster-Server”, I’m going to assume it’s just another massive marketing attempt at making us believe they actually have a good service. My sites will probably be leaving (mt) Media Temple within the next month. Quite frankly, for the price we’re paying for this mediocre service, anything else is better.

    I’ve been a client with them since March 2006, and their service has been steadily declining. Their support is laughable- they just blame EVERYTHING on “your code”, “your network”, “your location”.. blah, blah, blah. It’s never them. (mt) Media Temple is perfect. You’re the problem. It’s disgusting!

  27. Wow, great thread, I’ve been having the same problem with wordpress installs on MT. I’ve been moving sites over to a new host slowly, but it’s a pain to move each client. These are all small business low traffic sites and they load at soooo slow, and even time out at times.

    I’d stay with MT if they could get this problem fixed.

  28. I made the mistake of paying for a full year of hosting on MediaTemple, which means I have to wait until Spring to switch hosts. The performance of their Grid Service has been poor. I switched over from Dreamhost, but saw no improvement, though the reason I left Dreamhost was one bad week where performance became very poor. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet with MediaTemple, but it’s generally slow.

    I’m considering Webfaction, Slicehost and AN Hosting…

    The new version of WordPress (2.7) is very slow on the admin side (writing posts), so performance is now more of an issue than it was before….

  29. Hi Tom, thanks for your comment.

    It’s a shame that you are still having problems with MediaTemple. The little attention I’ve paid to them recently would suggest they have massively improved, though clearly you aren’t experiencing this. :-(

    I did some trials with Webfaction and they were very helpful during that time. In the end my decision not to use them was based on two things: download speed and a strange control panel. Things might have changed since then and I know others highly recommend them. Plus their servers were in the USA and as I am focussing on getting UK clients, I need my server to be in the UK to help with my SEO efforts.

    As for WordPress — I’m slowly moving away from it. It’s a nice piece of software, but I feel with that every release, we get more features, but more bloat and less speed. It’s all going a bit Microsoft…

  30. Thanks for thoughts Matthew. Thing seem to be better again. They admitted there was an issue and were working on it. The sites have improved in speed, but still not as fast as the second host I’ve been moving to.

  31. i’ve been on MT for many years and while it was never an issue with my small brochureware corporate site, i remember pulling my hair out about 4 years ago running drupal 4.7, then an old WP install back in ’04…since then, they’ve come a long way BUT i’m horrified about these things:

    *they still don’t have mysql 5 running! they offer one click drupal installs of 4.7 which is not even supported (it’s at 6.7 for those who use it) – and drupal 7 will *require* mysql 5

    *wordpress is still damned slow, and it’s all over the place depending on the way the container works (i was in a beta, so i get this sorta sweet 50 dollar plan for only 20 per month, 100 sites, etc, unlimited dbases and access to all for reboots and my.cnf adn php.ini access) – but even with endless changes to the mysql config (increase query cache et al), it is STILL slow off an on..

    as an example: they have admitted to issues with their DNS resolve, which is probably one of the single biggest issues affecting shared hosting and low end container/grid customers – so to test this, here’s an example:

    i put in wp-supercache on wp 2.6.5 on a brand new install less than one week ago, installed a few small plugins that make queries (lester chan’s views and ratings type things), a simple theme, then did some proofcheck by quickly optimizing and repairing all tables (though nothign was wrong) and then began loading pages off and on…

    in the source of pages, i could see that, for exmaple, once my dummy content was loaded (tons of images to test this), my home page was circa 700k, js was not compressed though the server gzips anyways, and while (for example) 104 or 84 or whatever queries were processed in under 1 to 2.5 seconds (sometimes in under a second), the site could take 6 to 10 seconds or more to load the home page!!!

    naturally, i’ve called before and just said, “hey, i type in the site name and look how long it takes” and they say, “what do you mean?” and i say, “okay, you’re inside the rack yourself, so you type it in – see how long that takes?” and they say, “yeah, that is a bit slow, but we’re working on dns resolve issues now, to improve that, it’s been an issue” – they said that same thing in 05, 06, 07, and many times in 08 when i called – it’s something bigger than the cluster…

    for example, hit techcrunch.com -that’s a seriously premium cached/dedicated rack WordPress install – try reloading some of the random pages and check how long some of them take – then try it again with gigaom.com – another premium MT client running the entire network of sites on WordPress- same issue – sometimes fast, sometimes as slow as the 20 dollar a month people…go figure ;)

  32. Hi Dave. Thanks for your input and sorry to hear of your woes with MT.

    I think it’s safe to say that no host is perfect and all will have problems at one time or another. But it does seem surprising that such a ‘big name’ and (previously) heavily respected company such as MT are still having problems.

    My issues were a year ago now and I’m no longer a customer of theirs due to their lack of improvement.

    I’d recommend to anyone still suffering with bad performance that the only way to resolve it is to move elsewhere. The longer you stay with a host who doesn’t deliver, the longer they receive the message that you still think they are OK enough to stay.

    Customers determine the success of a company and we are the ones who have the power to force them to improve if they want to stay in business. Vote with your wallet — and your feet.

  33. i hear you – my main issue with moving is that my sites are such low traffic that it’s not really a ‘valid issue’ – just something that bugs me…and i’m still in this old beta participant pricing forever, which saves me serious money, can’t find anything comparable for 20 a month (the equiv of their container plan, which has *tons* of stuff and root access etc, exluding access to the apache files!)

    …but they are getting better, honestly – though my point about latency is still kinda spot on. for example, last night at about 1:30am east coast, i hit techcrunch and at first it took roughly 6 seconds to load – then a little while later it was fast, then again it was slow…

  34. I randomly came across this post and it hurts me deeply to hear that (MT) is not living up to their reputation. I would like to say good luck with ASO as well though, because I’ve been with them for 3 years, but recently decided to leave their hosting services. They respond with fair haste, but never seem to own up to any of the issues in regards to my site going down repetitively. Replies from them were always, “It seems to be fine.” When in fact I know the jig is up when suddenly all of my clients sites are inaccessible and my online portfolio cannot be found on all browsers. I hate to put a poor vibe in the air, due to the fact that I was a loyal customer for so long. I guess there’s always a time to say goodbye… mine just happens to be right after my client called my personal line to sadly tell me his .FLV video presentation wasn’t even viewable because our servers went down. No one wins, if shit simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

  35. Sadly, I found this post while doing research into why my WordPress install was so slow on my MT (gs) account. I do have a portfolio page that loads somewhat quicker than the WP section, but latency seems to be a blanket issue.

    It seems this has been a problem for quite some time now, and my form-response from support does little to make me feel better about future improvement. I guess I’ll be moving on as soon as I can find another reliable host.

  36. Although highly frustrated with similar problems (my main gripe is high down time), I’m very glad to see that it’s not just me. I also receive the same “it’s not our fault” response from MT, especially when I start asking about refunds for down time.

    MT was pretty good when I first started hosting with them a couple years ago, but in the last year, the service has been horrendous. In the last few weeks, my sites and emails have been down almost every day. Once instance, they were down for 4 days straight. The answer, as usual, “not our fault”.

    Thank you, Matt (and all commenters) for all the valuable information. I am now seriously beginning my search for a more reliable hosting situation, so if there are any more suggestions (other than Webfaction and ASO, both of which I’m currently looking into), please share. I’m in the States, so a “local” company is preferable.

    Again, thanks all. You’ve all contributed greatly to me not going completely insane!!

    BTW, as I write this… surprise, my sites/emails are DOWN. Been this way for almost 5 hours now. So much for a relaxing weekend :)

  37. Chris, I HIGHLY recommend Surpass Hosting! They are located in Florida, and have all their support in-house. I have NEVER had to wait more than 4 hours for a support response — regardless of how complex it was.

    Once the server I was on totally failed, and they had restored our sites within 24 hours. They emailed us, and were very courteous about it. Media Temple does no such thing.

    Uptime is amazing. The only time to date (since I switched in September) that they’re service was unavailable was with the total failure mentioned about.

    http://www.surpasshosting.com! Their prices are very competitive for what you get (far better than Media Temple).

    Let me know what you decide to do! I know they aren’t a “big brand” like ASO or (mt), but you will be pleasantly surprised.

  38. Thanks for the info, Mark! Much appreciated. This current down time is STILL existing. We’re going on just about 12 hours now. This is by far the worst down time I’ve experienced w/ ANY hosting provider, including the very, very bad ones I’ve had in the past.

    Just after posting my comment on here yesterday, a rep called me from MT. I had escalated my complaining before that to a new level: threatening legal action. Not surprisingly, they jumped. The rep was extremely helpful and understanding (so it seems) of my frustration, and he’s arrange for me to be able to move all my stuff to a different, newer cluster. The cluster my sites are on has LOTS of problems, so I’m hoping this will help.

    However, I am not going to get my hopes up, and should I wind up w/ the same problems, I’ll be moving to a new hosting provider. Regardless, I’m going to Surpass Hosting’s site to do my homework, so thanks again for the suggestion!

  39. Hi Chris. I’m sorry to hear yet more woes with MediaTemple! My post was originally made over a year ago, so I’m very disappointed to see that other people are still having the same problems. Good luck with finding a new host.

    @Mark Z: Looks like you finally made the switch to a decent host. Congrats! :-)

  40. Thank you so much for this post and for the comments.

    I’ve transferred my WordPress blog from 1&1 shared to MT GS service in Jan. 2009, hoping to be able to handle social media spikes (known as the Digg effect).

    I’ve been frustrated since then. Not only my load times increased but the GS service failed to deliver when one of my post got popular on Digg.

    1st thing: 5 minutes downtime to “move to a dedicated MySql container” in order to handle the traffic.

    Excuse me? My blog just went live on Digg and your way to handle it to take down my blog for the first 5 minutes, which are critical for traffic??? Way to hurt my reputation too.

    Then, after the “upgrade”: Text wise, no problem. But my theme kept going down. Basically, MT could handle the text version of my blog, but not with the theme!?

    No need to say that MT was a big deception that day.

    Since then, I’ve been looking into solutions and explanations. This post on MT and WordPress problems is golden.

    I’ve now contacted surpasshosting, with the details of my blog/needs. Looking forward to hear back =)

  41. In response to Dave at 11/12/2008, upon his suggestion from 7 months ago, I checked TechCrunch.com today and it’s a total failure to load. I tried 3 times and 2 total failures. 1 time it did load but failed to load the CSS from cache0.techcrunch.com so basically the site was disorganized text in a giant list.

  42. I stumbled upon this post in my search for a reason why my GS server is running unrealistically slow! And here I have the answer – MT’s servers are just meant to run slow… I experience the same thing as commented here; downtime, lost mysql connections, bad ftp connections, etc.

    I can with no doubt say, that if MT have improved over the last years, I dont even wanna think about how bad the conditions have been then.

    I really consider moving the 10 domains I have at MT’s gs service.

    Thanks for the post and all the comments to enlighten my head and ease my decision!

  43. To Arnii and everyone else:

    I moved my blog, Hardware Revolution from MT GS service to a Linux VPS and I couldn’t be happier about the result.

    If you’re still hesitating, go for it, you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t!

    I use a plugin to track latency time on my WordPress blog and it went from an average of 1.5 seconds on Media Temple to 0.23 second on my Linux VPS.

    If you unsure which VPS to choose, I recommend Linode (Link in name), who offer good prices, excellent reliability, free upgrades on a regular basis and the best of all, an outstanding community ready to help you learn Linux. I was a total Linux noob, took some time to learn and now my blog is running really fast on my Linux VPS =D