Ticketweb order form woes

I recently used Ticketweb to buy tickets to see Editors at the Brixton Academy in October. Reaching the last part of the ugly online ordering form, the user is presented with this. Spot the deliberate mistake:

Poor form structure on Ticketweb

The last part of the form asks you to select a privacy option. The method used is flawed yet it’s very common:

Incorrect use of radio buttons on Ticketweb

You’re being asked a binary choice question, where the answer is either yes or no. These types of questions should use a checkbox, not the two radio buttons that are presented here. Radio buttons are mutually exclusive and should only be used when selecting something from a list of options. And when using radio buttons, you need to ensure that one option is pre-selected using the attribute checked="checked", which has been omitted here.

It constantly amazes me that basic mistakes like this are still being made in modern web development. It’s probably just ignorance on the part of the developer and is easily solved through education. I was going to email them about it but can’t find anywhere on their site to do so…

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