Sticker overload

Web 2.0 is not a design aesthetic. Yet that hasn’t stopped thousands of designers perpetuating a commonly understood “Web 2.0″ look: over used shiny reflections, rounded corners, subtle gradients, bold colours and the use of the word ‘Beta’ next to your logo (whether or not your service is actually in beta!)

Peeling “Web 2.0″ stickerHowever, I find the most annoying effect is the now ubiquitous ‘peeling sticker’. It’s everywhere, and not just on the web either. I confess I just don’t get it: what’s wrong with those stickers? Do they use cheap glue?

If you need to bring attention to something on your page, then be original about it. Don’t just follow the crowd. And think about your page structure — good information architecture should lead users to the pertinent areas of your page, and you can do this without having to resort to cheap tricks.

Still, if you really want to perpetuate this aesthetic, you don’t even need to do the work yourself. Just get an app to do it for you. *Sigh*.

One thought on “Sticker overload

  1. To tell the truth, about a year ago I first saw the peeling sticker thing on a DirecTV flier and thought “That looks stupid…it looks like whatever on the sticker was an afterthought, and they can’t even get it to stick” now, even a year later, they are still using it, and I’m seeing it all over…in print, on the web…I think even on TV. This logo needs to die.