Semi-transparent PNG goodness

Just had to post a link to this fabulous web portfolio by Bryan Katzel. It has one of the most interesting and innovative uses of semi transparent PNGs I’ve ever seen. Simply scroll down to the bottom and keep an eye on the central area of the page with the rainbow. Gorgeous!

Note: Don’t even think about visiting if you use Internet Exploder 6 or lower.

4 thoughts on “Semi-transparent PNG goodness

  1. Yeah, it’s a really cool effect isn’t it? Very creative.

    Oh, and darn it… A short post with comments shows there is a problem with my sidebar crashing into it. Ok, I must fix this, looks like I can’t have comments taking up the whole width of the page with this particular source order. Oops!

  2. Awesome, clever, design.
    People throw away your IE6, even if its just so you can view this. Great find Mathew.

  3. ps. Love the Facelift – simple yet striking, you can be proud of your labour on this one.