New beginnings

It’s four days before Christmas and I’m excited to reveal that I’ll be seeing in the New Year with a new role. Yes, that’s right, I’m closing Frisk Design and returning to in-house employment.

I’ve accepted a short-term contract with one of my long standing clients, Design Culture, a lovely little design agency in Farringdon, London. It’s been great working with Steve and Kristen over the last year or so, and I’ve really enjoyed helping them on various projects as well as sharing my knowledge and experience. So the opportunity to work with them on a more formal basis is one that I really look forward to.

It’s the right time to return to team based working: something that I miss terribly and if I’m completely honest, I’m better suited to. Many people think that working at home on your own is a dream job, but for me it never really quite worked. The main issue is that daily interaction with other people is virtually non existent. I would much rather work with other people in a good team environment.

I’d like to say many thanks to all my wonderful clients over the last 3.5 years. It’s been great to work with some lovely people and produce some interesting and varied websites. All my current clients have known about my plans to close Frisk Design for some time; but if you’re reading this as a potential new client — sorry, I’m no longer taking on any new projects.

The Frisk Design website will remain open for now but sometime next year will be replaced with an entirely new site. I’m unlikely to update this blog anymore, but you can still connect with me on Twitter: @matthillco

Finally, I’d just like to thank everyone who helped me make Frisk Design a success, and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

Best wishes all!

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