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So I’m trying to get away from having everything tied to software on my computer, such as email and web bookmarks. I haven’t decided how to handle email yet (Gmail seems an option), but I’d like to try social bookmarking to keep everything in one place, and accessible remotely.

I’m a die hard Folder Fiend and am entrenched in that way of working. I don’t really like the nature of tags as I can’t get an “at a glance” view of what I’ve stored. But I guess I’ll have to get used to them to use an online bookmarking tool.

I’ve signed up to ma.gnolia rather then (just to be different) and will start playing with it. But I’m looking for opinions on both magnolia and delicious. What are your experiences? Which is best? Out of all the other tools, are any better than both of these?

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  1. I use for social bookmarking. It hasn’t entirely replaced traditional bookmarks yet, though with the firefox plugin it comes close.

    In the past I’ve used google bookmark sync to keep the same set of bookmarks at work and at home. If that’s what you’re after then I think its a better solution, and you get to keep your folders.

  2. One of the attractions of magnolia was that I could register using OpenID; no chance of that on delicious as far as I can see. Plus magnolia is prettier.. :-)

    The magnolia bookmarklet for saving pages is quite slow to use and from what I can see, the delicious firefox plugin is quicker and easier to use. I guess I’ll have to sign up there and try it out. Shame about the OpenID thing though.

  3. Hi Alex. It’s all a jumble right now. I didn’t get far with magnolia as it’s bookmarklet is just too slow and frustrating. I’ve signed to delicious too and last night imported all my bookmarks and am now managing them using the delicious addon which is supposed to sync with the site.

    Not impressed yet: all my bookmarks were given a tag of ‘imported’ which is fine as it’ll let me sort them out more easily, but they also got a tag of ‘allfavourites’ and try as I might, I can’t delete that. The delete function on the website says it removed the tag, but it sure didn’t!

    From a usability point of view, neither are really as flexible as I would like. I’ll try them for a few more days and update here.

  4. After a bit more playing today, I conclude that these tools simply don’t suit my way of working and it’s unlikely I’ll switch to them. I’ve cleaned up my Firefox bookmarks into better organised folders which is probably all I needed to to do in the first place… in addition, it’s so easy to find stuff using Google these days, that bookmarking can almost be seen as redundant.

    I did briefly consider linking them into my blog to drive more traffic here. But I really don’t think that many people are concerned about what I’m linking to; there are millions of others doing that just fine. One more makes no difference.

    I’ll be closing both accounts, I have no need for them.

  5. I use the bookmarks in firefox 3, along with Foxmarks service which syncs the bookmarks to my laptop and other machines. Works very well indeed.

  6. I love, love, love Evernote. It is pretty much the everything keeper you need. I bought the upgrade, but imagine everything you need, images, docs, etc all in one cloud app that can be accessed everywhere. Its just great.

    I don’t work there… nor am I affiliated, its just a great app.