Friskdesign showcased around the web

After the release of my new site a couple of weeks ago, I only promoted it in one place initially: CSS Mania. It was then rapidly linked from a lot of places and as a result I’ve had loads more enquiries; to the point where I’ve had to turn down work!

So, many thanks to everyone who linked to me or posted my site to other galleries, in particular:

9 thoughts on “Friskdesign showcased around the web

  1. You deserve the accolade, well done.

    The only small glitch I can find with this website site is the main body text size, so I’ve increased it up a notch using my browser. Not a big problem and it’s probably just me ;-).

  2. Thanks Will for the comment. Yes, I did experiment with the overall text size and for quite a while it was a fraction larger, but I eventually opted for the smaller size.

    However, I’m not averse to an increase if others think it’s too small, but I did figure that people could change it in their browser if they wanted it larger.